Door production

Interior doors made by Ulyanovsk ‘dariano’ factory are of excellent European quality, which is marked by variety of rewards and reviews from our Customers. Due to the strict observance of all production regulations, we can create products, which will serve you for decades.

Production of interior doors consists of several stages; on each of them our specialists perform strict quality assurance, ensuring release of high-grade products.

Preparatory stage

  • Choosing of material. At the door production ‘dariano’ uses only high-grade pine solid wood. Evaluation of material quality characteristics is carried out by variety of parameters: environmental friendliness, tar concentration, bark condition, etc. Even at this stage of production it is important to identify defective material and select only the best wood, and ‘dariano’ specialists perform this task successfully. Through the long years of work, we’ve established partnership relations with the best wood suppliers and can guarantee quality of materials, used in production of our interior doors.
  • Lumber mill. Selected material goes to lumber mill. Here the lumber is processed at special equipment and used to form edged boards by passing several processing stages. We care about the environment, so we are trying to make our production process waste-free. All material that cannot be used in production of ‘dariano’ interior doors is passing the procedure of crushing and is used as a fuel for the boiler room.

  • Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3
    Fig. 1 - bucking of round log to unedged boards
    Fig. 2 and 3 - bucking of three-edge cant and unedged board to edged boards

  • Drying. Edged boards, achieved as the result of the milling, are drying in special drying chambers. This helps to protect the wood from attack of wood-staining and wood-destroying fungus, prevent the products from changing of size and form in the process of usage. Also, dry wood is better take gluing and processing.

  • 4 (1).jpg 5.jpg
    Fig. 4 Fig. 5
    Fig. 4 - drying chamber operation principle
    Fig. 5 – photo of ‘dariano’ factory drying chamber

Primary processing

  • Preliminary planning and defect removal. After the drying the material should pass the preliminary shaping procedure in order to identify and remove defects, which can occur in the wood structure during the growth and development of the tree. In order to give the board correct geometrical dimensions, clear surface and identify the defects preliminary planning is made at four cutter. Defects include knots, decay, cracks, burrs and other deviations that are to be cut at crosscut saw. Therefore we achieve structurally perfect material for ‘dariano’ doors
    4 (1).jpg 5.jpg
    Fig. 6 Fig. 7
    Fig. 6 – four-side board processing during preliminary planing
    Fig. 7 – cutting of defective places of the blanks are performed at the crosscut saws

  • End jointing. Processed material goes to automated end jointing line. Here lamellae are glued by length and dried for at least 4 hours up to full polymerization of the glue.
    4 (1).jpg 5.jpg
    Fig. 8 Fig. 9
    Fig. 8 – trimming of the blanks with buzz saw for flattening and creation of perpendicular butts
    Fig. 9 – cutting of micrometer joint

  • Calibration. When the glue is fully dried, blanks are passing preliminary calibration: at the special machines we remove glue sagging, smooth surface irregularities, fit lamellae to the size required for further production.
  • 4 (1).jpg 5.jpg
    Fig. 10 Fig. 11
    Fig. 10 and 11 – calibration of end-jointed blank


  • Assembly of the frame. The door consists of many details: case, flashing, leaf, trim, fancy molding, etc. Quality of assembly of all frame elements directly affects interior door service life. Assembly of the frames of ‘dariano’ doors is fully automated, which allows achieving maximum accuracy and strength of construction.
  • sborka.jpg
  • Veneering. Veneer is a thin wooden bevel. All details of interior door is covered with veneer made from natural wood: oak, ash, pine, mahogany, etc. ‘dariano’ very carefully selects the material and work only with approved vendors.
  • Calibration. Products covered with veneer undergo another calibration: excessive edges are cut, all defects and irregularities of the surface are removed and it is prepared to painting and varnishing.
  • Painting. Wood painting is performed to make the color of the product more saturated, accent wood pattern or change the wood tone to required one. ‘dariano’ factory uses different techniques of product painting, and due to that fact, we are able to offer widest range of different interior door models, which are suitable for any interior.
  • 4 (1).jpg 5.jpg
    Fig. 12 Fig. 13
    Fig. 12 and 13 – painting of door leaves and wood trims is performed manually with a spray gun in painting chambers or at the door leaf processing line by the method of spraying of paint material from the nozzle under pressure.
  • Quality assurance. Painted product is dried and passes strict quality assurance. Our specialists identify the presence of sagging, cracks, irregularities and do not let the product to be glazed or packed even if the defects are minor.
  • Glazing. Most of ‘dariano’ door models are released “blind” as well as with different variants of glazing. And glass treatment is performed at our factory, using different technologies to achieve different effects. For example, sandblasting allows obtaining frosted or textured glass. Diamond engraving technology is used to make complex and elegant patterns. Using special technology, we are also producing incredibly beautiful stained-glass that will be a true decoration for your home. We are also decorating glass with rhinestone, bevels, fusing elements, marbles.
  • Decorative fixtures. ‘dariano’ interior doors can be decorated with variety of carved decorative fixtures, which are supposed to underline the style and beauty of this part of interior. For some door models we are also designed unique columns that will give the interior an atmosphere of luxury and elegance.


  • Quality assurance. Before the packaging our specialists perform final acceptance of the products in order to completely prevent the presence of defective products and to ensure that the products comply with all quality standards.
  • Packaging. In order to protect the door from accumulation of dirt and damaging in the process of transportation and storage at the warehouse, we are packing it in the layer of polyethylene, protecting corners and edges with cardboard inserts. Then the door is sealed in special heat-shrink film and is transported to the warehouse.